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Metal-925 Sterling Silver , Weight-15.8gm, Stone- BlueTopaz Metal-925 Sterling Silver , Weight-2.6gm Metal-925 Sterling Silver , Weight-2gm, Stone- BlueTopaz

Metal-925 Sterling Silver , Weight-5.50gm, Stone- Peridot Metal-925 SterlingSliver,Weight-6.6gm,Stone-AmethystEarrings Metal-925 SterlingSliver,Weight-15.4gm,Stone-Pearl
Metal-925 SterlingSliver,Weight-2.3gm,Stone-AmethystStud Metal-925 SterlingSliver,Weight-24.2gm,Stone-SavoraQuartz Metal-925 SterlingSliver,Weight-3.3gm,Stone-RainbowMoonStone
Metal-925 SterlingSliver,Weight-3.8gm,Stone-Turquoise Metal-925 SterlingSliver,Weight-5.8gm,Stone-AmethystRing  

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We are an organisation situated in Jaipur, India, We are continually building up the new scope of intriguing gemstones in various cuts and interesting styling with saw esteem. We influence our legacy quality of mines to market vertical and look for the economical business recommendation for the commonly useful affiliation. We source unpleasant gemstones specifically from the mines and do additionally esteem option in cutting and cleaning, studding them into perfect Jewelry.

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Website : www.g9exports.com
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